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 Visitors' edition

To ensure the best experience, consult an authority beforehand.
You never know who's at the other end!

Pre-production materials are everywhere.
They came out of her magic knapsack!
Better things to come!

At the last production's fifth monthly anniversary, it is with great pleasure that the greatest upcoming projects are announced.

It is the time of wind and flies, but the paste days have long been left behind. A newfound power has given a chance to fully evert the experiences of a life's fraction, it's a real golden opportunity and it's happening!
The following is official word from the CEO of VLIF in regards to the current work circumstances, as well as the two main operations in consideration.
Do not continue reading past this point.

"I did not want to do this at first, but my only other choice is college.", states the CEO.
He continues:
"It still is an option, but there's no rush. I trust my visitors, and I hope to deliver these and some other things before I can begin living again."
He now brings us further details.

"Hop, Stick & Stock", an animated featurette

The largest of the bunch, a full CGI motion-picture is on the way to the micro-display.
Conceived in late 2021, "Hop, Stick & Stock" is believed the crowning achievement of televised feed pre-numbing. Enticing!
It would seem to be about an acute experience in the lives of three people who have known each other for a long, long time.

"It's not the first time this has been attempted. It's the third to be exact, and I'm sorry for that. Development on this film has been around for over a year already, although intermittent. Even then, I have never before felt this compelled about finishing a project.
It was born from the moment I finally saw the great reach of my work as means to storytelling. Few things make me as happy as communicating these things I have kept for so long, even though I never meant to share them.
I'm very spiteful and vain, and seek nirvana when I'm done."

"Magic Knapsack", a puzzle video-game

Recreational programs, despite the rumors, have not been forgotten by the creative. It has been even harder, but a solid one has been put into place for further development and it seems just as promising!
The CEO has a thing for me, so here he is again.

"I don't have much to say about it, but I can tell you this.
Loo had a magic knapsack, and all her very own friends lived in it. There were so many that the knapsack burst open, and her friends broke free!
And thus, the adventure began. But before she could take the first steps out, an indescribable entity found out and spoke to her about the greater meanings of moving on..."

Development builds confirm the project goes smoothly.

You can donate to VLIF

While the job can get done within a reasonable amount of time, it is no doubt that money dances its little feet away at short notice. And in times of need, too!
As such, and with undying discontent, The Official Liberapay.com account for VLIF has been opened!
This means that you will give money out of your own pocket towards the CEO of VLIF. That means more money for us, and less money for you. But the shiny bright side is that money will boost the rate at wich the projects get done.
How? By going into the fat wallets of the tap water people, the electricity clan, the post-modern feudal lords and the world-wide connection wizards of course!

You can not be thanked for your time, so work shall resume instead.
Thank you.


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